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Tinkercademy - Arduino Scratch Starter Kit

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What happens when you combine Arduino, the amazingly simple micro-controller board with Scratch, the ridiculously easy drag-and-drop programming editor? You get awesome!

This is Tinkercademy's own Arduino Starter Kit used in our Scratch classes, complete with a 24-page booklet with 6 fun projects that progressively build up your programming skills using Scratch.

Perfect for complete beginners, our selection of modular components minimises wiring mistakes so you spend less time figuring out whether the problem lies with your circuit or your code. Once you've mastered scratch, you'll have understood basic programming concepts that are portable to any other programming language.

Learning programming through electronics is especially suitable for younger ones as they see how their code senses and impacts the physical world through light, touch and sound.

Ideal for ages 11 and up. Younger children 9 and up can also grasp the programming concepts but may need stronger reading ability or adult guidance to navigate the booklet. No upper age limit - you're never too old to start learning programming!

Please note: This item is currently built-to-order. Please allow 2-3 additional working days before delivery or self-pickup. If you need it in a huge rush, please give us a call at 31256257 or email us at

Kit contents

  • Tinkercademy Arduino with Scratch booklet
  • Freaduino UNO: this is our Arduino of choice despite being almost the same price as the official UNO. The colourful rows of power and ground pins alongside I/O pins allow beginners to easily plug in modules without having to figure out wiring on a breadboard or buying a separate sensor shield
  • Short mini-USB Cable
  • Octopus Red LED Brick
  • Octopus Green LED Brick
  • Octopus Blue LED Brick
  • Octopus Analog Rotation Brick (adjustable knob)
  • Octopus Analog Photocell (light sensor)
  • Octopus Switch
  • Octopus 5-button Analog Keypad
  • Micro Servo Motor
  • I2C LCD Character Display (16 characters x 2 rows)
  • Active Buzzer
  • 10x F-F jumper wires

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