Creative Engineer Camp


Price in Singapore Dollars, including 7% GST of $18.55

We had a great time offering camps this March. Look out for our next holiday camps in June. Sign up for our mailing list at Tinkercademy, or follow us on Facebook to be notified. Our camps are for kids from 7 to 15 years old.

Camp Details: 

Use your hands to create projects and inventions from scratch! This camp is designed to teach you the engineering process, and empowers you to prototype and design inventions while building problem-solving skills. We hope to get students excited about engineering and break down any “intimidation” students might have when presented with a creation task. This is a project-based camp where students will create multiple projects and take them home!

What You Will Learn:

  • Electronics concepts
  • Prototyping process
  • Logical and creative thinking
  • And so much more!

Visit the workshop page for more details

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