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littleBits Code Kit


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Finally. The littleBits Code Kit is here!
Build games. Learn to code.

This. Is. A. Game-changer. Designed in collaboration with educators, the littleBits Code Kit combines the magic of hands-on invention, the power of coding, and the fun and engagement of games.

?The kids told me that they would much rather miss recess to work on the Code Kit!?
-Willy Kjellstrom, Learning Technology Integrator

Who's this for?
- Ages 8+
- 1-3 students working together
- Great for beginners and pros alike - no experience necessary

What's new?
- New codeBit: Programming made easy with drag-and-drop code
- New LED matrix Bit: Add art & animation
- New rechargeable battery: No more outlets. No 9V batteries.
- New speaker: Create music with an extra-durable speaker
- New Code Kit app: The ultimate resource for educators & students

What's included
- 16 Bits & 30 accessories
- 100+ activities
4 game-based inventions out of the box
- 14 video tutorials
- 11 lessons
- Free desktop coding app compatible with Windows, Mac, and Chromebook

Features & Resources
- Drag-and-drop programming based on Google?s Blockly
- Aligns to Next Generation Science Standards and CS Standards
- Lessons in Google Docs so you can make notes and share
- Compatible with the entire littleBits library

Get ready for epic student engagement

littleBits Code Kit
littleBits Code Kit
littleBits Code Kit