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micro:bit ScienceScope Starter Kit


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This Starter Kit of accessories has been put together to enable the user to begin using the micro:bit in a visual and practical way. The kit contains the following micro:bit-compatible accessories:

  • Sound cable
  • Soil moisture sensor
  • Joystick

Sound Cable

The micro:bit can be programmed using the ScienceScope sound cable to turn speakers on and off very fast at varied frequencies, which creates specific musical notes. The sound cable enables you to connect the micro:bit to a set of headphones, speakers or any other audio input and use it to play and compose music or investigate sound.

Soil Moisture Sensor
This simple soil moisture sensor uses the micro:bit to estimate the amount of moisture content and display it on the LED matrix screen. The sensor works by measuring a voltage related to the conductance of the soil and using it to estimate the amount of moisture in the soil.

The kit comes with the code you need to make the micro:bit measure the moisture level, however, you can edit it to suit your own needs, or encourage your students to work out how to programme it themselves from scratch.

The joystick board has been converted to allow 4mm banana plug connection to the micro:bit. It offers signal in both the x-axis and y-axis as well as a push button.

There is the option to purchase this starter kit with or without the BBC micro:bit, battery pack, USB connector stick. Select the option above.

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