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Bloxels Video Game Builder Kit


Price in Singapore Dollars, including 7% GST of $5.17

Build your own video games with Bloxels. The innovative video game creation platform makes concepting and execution easy. Watch your game world come to life as you create and animate play spaces, characters and objects because you are the artist, game designer, storyteller, programmer, publisher and player. The physical pieces in the Bloxels game set work with the free Bloxels Builder app to digitize your creations, put them on-screen and make them playable.

Set up a free Bloxels EDU personal account (This has replaced Bloxels Builder) to get started. Then use the 13 x 13 Game board and coloured blocks to design a room, create the art for game elements and bring your heroes and villains to life. When creating game rooms, each colour in your design represents a different element, like terrain, water or a hazard. When working on art, the blocks represent the pixelated image. There are eight different colours and 320 blocks for lots of endless possibilities. Once you have finished adding blocks, snap a picture with the in-app camera to digitize your creation.

The Bloxels Video Game Builder Starter Kit contains a Bloxel Gameboard and 320 blocks of various colours. Included with each box set, the and Guidebook featuring activities to guide you through building your first game.

Bloxels is compatible with the FREE Bloxels Builder app for Apple iOS, Android and Kindle phones & tablets.