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micro:bit Destination Kit: Kitchen Capers


Price in Singapore Dollars, including 7% GST of $6.41

This kit has the components you need to partake on destinations to continue on your digital making journey!

Note: This kit does not include a micro:bit! Pick one up here.

Project 1: Make The Perfect Cup Of Tea

To start your day, to take a break, to have something to drink at... er... tea(?). Take the chore and guesswork out of having to jiggle your teabags in the cup!

Project 2: Make Your Own Candy Dispenser

Got a super craving? Get your sweet fix with some candy. But too many too soon may have you bouncing off the walls like a caffeinated parkour runner? Time to put some controls on that habit!

Project 3: Make Your Desired Poached Egg

Whether you like your eggs boiled tougher than a golf ball or soft and runny like a molten stream of bright yellow lava, it's all a matter of timing with the digital egg timer. Just don't ask for scrambled!


  1. Basic coding-Inputs, Output, Logic, Tone
  2. Integration of electronic components-Buzzer