Developing on the Stellar Blockchain


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Stellar is a fast-growing blockchain focused on payments. It uses the Stellar Consensus Protocol and features properties such as anchors and chain of conversions.

In this intermediate course, developers will learn to create smart contracts on Stellar using the Javascript SDK. At the end of the course, developers will be bootstrapped with the knowledge of how the Stellar blockchain works and how to develop Stellar applications.

Developers should be moderately experienced in programming, though not necessarily in Javascript.

Course Outline

  • Setting up Development Environment
  • Stellar Network
    • Stellar Consensus Protocol
    • Multi-currency Asset Exchange
    • Anchors
    • Pathfinding
    • Account Creation
  • Transactions
    • Life cycle
    • Error catching
    • Operations and Attributes
    • Multi-signature
    • Security Thresholds
  • Advanced transactions
    • Assets
    • Trustlines
  • Smart Contracts 
    • Multiple/batched operations
    • Sequencing
    • Time-bounds
Course Duration
12 hrs

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