Digital Maker Camp


Price in Singapore Dollars, including 7% GST of $13.65

We had a great time offering camps this March. Look out for our next holiday camps in June. Sign up for our mailing list at Tinkercademy, or follow us on Facebook to be notified. Our camps are for kids from 7 to 15 years old.

Camp Details: 

Learn to prototype with the micro:bit microcontroller while creating fun projects in our 2-day microCamp! You’ll become familiar with programming concepts and electronics components, while building practical, hands-on electronics projects using the micro:bit.

At the end of the camp, you will create a simple game and a kit that looks like a handheld gameboy that you can take home. Furthermore, you’ll be well-equipped and hopefully inspired to make many more projects on the micro:bit.

Visit the workshop page for more details

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