Google Cardboard 1.0 (2014) VR Goggles Kit


This kit includes all the parts you need to build your own Google Cardboard virtual reality viewer based on Google's (older but cheaper) 2014 design:

  • 1x pre-cut cardboard
  • 2x biconvex lens 25mm
  • 2x ceramic disc magnet 3/4"
  • 2x velcro pads
  • 1x rubber band

If DIY is not your thing, or if you have a 6" phone, you may want to consider the 2015 design instead.

Compared to our previous Cardboard kit from ElecFreaks, this generic kit is even cheaper because it uses lower-cost materials, but is still every bit as fun. Visible differences would be thinner cardboard (but still corrugated), less packaging (to save on shipping), and another ceramic magnet for the input button (instead of the metal ring).

Dimensions of the phone compartment are 78mm x 140 mm. If your phone is taller than that, it'll still fit well but any wider and you might have to bend the cardboard a little for the phone compartment to close.

    Particularly fun is the free game Moorente by Die Etagen GmbH, available for both platforms on the iTunes App Store and on Google Play

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