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littleBits - Code Kit


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Finally. The littleBits Code Kit is here!
Build games. Learn to code.

This. Is. A. Game-changer. Designed in collaboration with educators, the littleBits Code Kit combines the magic of hands-on invention, the power of coding, and the fun and engagement of games.

?The kids told me that they would much rather miss recess to work on the Code Kit!?
?Willy Kjellstrom, Learning Technology Integrator

Who?s this for?
? Ages 8+
? 1-3 students working together
? Great for beginners and pros alike - no experience necessary

What?s new?
? New codeBit: Programming made easy with drag-and-drop code
? New LED matrix Bit: Add art & animation
? New rechargeable battery: No more outlets. No 9V batteries.
? New speaker: Create music with an extra-durable speaker
? New Code Kit app: The ultimate resource for educators & students

What?s included
? 16 Bits & 30 accessories
? 100+ activities
? 4 game-based inventions out of the box
? 14 video tutorials
? 11 lessons
? Free desktop coding app compatible with Windows, Mac, and Chromebook

Features & Resources
? Drag-and-drop programming based on Google?s Blockly
? Aligns to Next Generation Science Standards and CS Standards
? Lessons in Google Docs so you can make notes and share
? Compatible with the entire littleBits library

Get ready for epic student engagement

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