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Matatalab Coding Set (Home Edition)

Matatalab Coding Set (Home Edition)

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Matatalab Coding Set (Home Edition) provides multiple tangible Coding Blocks with intuitive symbols to represent programming commands. Kids are able to create simple programs by combining Coding Blocks and controlling the robot to complete a challenge. Supporting family storybooks, parents can easily accompany kids into the fun and simple programming world.

Hands-on and Screenless

  • Use colorful plastic blocks to represent coding commands and no screen needed, kids construct their understanding with their hands directly


  • No coding experience required and learning to code becomes as easy as playing building blocks

Words Free

  • Intuitive symbol design. Use directional language and no literacy required


  • Supporting two double-sided that helps kids plan their adventures, along with three storybooks full of progressive activities and challenges

STEAM Cross-Curricular

  • A step forward from STEM to STEAM, a fun way to learn and play music and arts, and foster creativity

Let Your Imagination Run Free

  • Compatible with different DIY models

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