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micro:bit Wonder Rugged Car kit

micro:bit Wonder Rugged Car kit

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Note: Compatible with micro:bit v1 and v2. Micro:bit not included, available for separate purchase.

The Wonder Rugged car is based on a Wukong Breakout board for micro:bit, integrated with buzzer, 8-way servo drive, 2-way motor drive, 4 Rainbow LEDs, 8 atmospheric LEDs, and a lithium battery.


The Wonder Rugged Car can perfectly achieve 360 ° omnidirectional movement and complete complex movements such as left and right drift. 8CM diameter super-large tires are wildly shaped. The full-time four-wheel drive is powerful, and all four wheels can be independently controlled. The car uses compatible bricks, which is super scalable. It comes with a 400mAh lithium battery pack, an onboard power management system, supports fast charging, only 20 minutes to full charge, and full load running time can reach more than 30 minutes.



micro:bit car kit

Children can use programming to achieve what they want. It better improves children's interest in programming! Teachers or parents also can give the child some help through communication to let the child have fun in programming!

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microbit robot car kit


*** Note that a BBC micro:bit is NOT included in this kit ***

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