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micro:bit Ring:bit Car


Price in Singapore Dollars, including 7% GST of $1.77

The Ring:bit Car is a programmable smart car for the BBC micro:bit, based on the ElecFreaks ring:bit breakout board (available for sale separately). This DIY car comes with:

  • (Optional) BBC micro:bit
  • Ring:bit breakout board
  • Two servo motors
  • Chassis acrylic pieces 
  • Easy-to-use rivets
  • Wheels

To get started with the ring:bit, simply build it, and program it in MakeCode with our custom libraries (written by ElecFreaks, and published by Tinkercademy): under the "Advanced" drawer, select "Add Package", search for "ring:bit", and add the package. 

From here, it's easy to code the ring:bit with car functionality:

  • Set up which wheel goes in which pin
  • Move forward or backward
  • Turn left or right
  • Brake

... and impress (or annoy) all your friends! There's even a pen attachment at the back of the car, which lets you scribble all over the floor (or, perhaps better, a large of paper).