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Solarbotics Marble Machine Kit - Battery Edition

Solarbotics Marble Machine Kit - Battery Edition

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The fun of a Marble Machine, miniaturized for your desk, now battery powered!


You are probably familiar with its older cousin, the Solar Marble Machine that has a clever circuit that delivers short bursts of energy collected by the solar cell to the gear wheel.The battery pack edition of the Marble Machine kit has splendid electromechanical appeal, delivering 8 steel balls down a laser-cut wood frame. Unlike its solar-powered cousin, it's ready to run at your command.

Features + Specs

  • Securely tucked under the return rail, the battery pack provides hours of power to rotate the gear wheel that brings the marbles up to the top of the spiral.
  • No-solder battery-powered construction.
  • Precision laser-cut fibreboard frame.
  • All electronic and structure parts included.
  • 2 x AAA batteries required (not included)
  • Basic tools required (no soldering)
  • 1 hour build time
The Marble Machine in Action
The Marble Machine assembly video:
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