Tinkercademy GVS Breakout Board for BBC Micro:bit


With this accessory board for the BBC micro:bit, you can easily connect a wide variety of low-cost sensor and output modules to the BBC micro:bit without having to deal with messy breadboard wires.

When paired with compatible modules, this becomes especially suitable for the classroom as students get to expand the capabilities of their BBC micro:bit without fear of making mistakes with wiring.

Compatible modules are available from many different vendors and include motion sensors, touch sensors, soil moisture sensors, small servo motors, OLED displays, and many more. These modules already exist as they were originally designed for the Arduino platform, and many of them can be also used with the BBC micro:bit via the Tinkercademy GVS Breakout Board.

The Tinkercademy GVS Breakout Board (developed in collaboration with ScienceScope) has rows of Ground, Voltage and Signal pins (hence the name GVS). Since every Signal pin is paired with a Voltage and Ground pin, many modules can be plugged in directly without the need for a breadboard.

The board also exposes I2C in a pinout that allows one to directly plug in the most common OLED displays (for cases where the micro:bit's 5x5 LED matrix doesn't quite cut it).

SPI and UART Serial pins are also exposed for connection to devices like SD card readers and GPS modules.

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