Get Hacking

Get Hacking is committed to promoting STEM education and the Maker Movement in Singapore and Southeast Asia. We'll be offering courses, selling kits & components, and of course making our own stuff.

Get Hacking with Arduino Workshop

Arduino Workshop

We hold 6-hour workshops (split over 2 sessions) teaching fundamental programming concepts using the Arduino. Participants will have hands-on with basic electronic components: LED, servo, DC motor, buzzer, switch, trimmer potentiometer, light sensor, temperature sensor, and will get to bring home their own Arduino Starter Kit to hack further.

Suitable for beginners with no programming experience.

Contact us if you are interested. We'll start a new workshop when there are enough sign ups.

"The greatest learning for me was the hardware part of the workshop ... and getting some hands-on on the hardware was really useful"
- Veronica, past participant
"Thank you for introducing my son and me to the world of Arduino, I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop which got us coding for the first time in our lives! Amazing that we got the controller to follow somewhat our whims after just a few hours! Now we are getting cracking on some wacky projects thanks to the Arduino intelligence..."
- Ulrich, past participant

Programming Interactive Art

So you have just learned how to program, and itch for challenges to apply your l33t programming skills in new domains. How about creating awesome interactive art?

We start from simple bouncing balls and progress to waves, fireworks, solar systems and an iTunes Visualizer-like animation; and further, make them responsive to user input.

Along the way, we will go deeper into object-oriented programming, advanced data structures, lots of problem solving, and using a physics engine (that was used in Angry Birds).

Arduino Workshop

We will be using Processing (essentially Java), though it's okay if your experience is only with Python, Javascript, or even Visual Basic. Just as long as you have the fundamental programming concepts of variables, expressions, functions, iterations and arrays. There will also be some Physics concepts, and a fair amount of Maths involved.

For young learners (12 to 15 years old) who recently picked up introductory programming, such as our Arduino class, or online (Codecademy, Khan Academy, etc). It is formatted as a 90 min weekend class over 10 sessions.

Contact us if you are interested. We'll start a new run when there are enough sign ups.

More to announce soon: Classes, projects, kits, parts, and lots of fun. Join our mailing list and hear more when we launch!