A Very Rewarding Read

A Very Rewarding Read

Get Hacking STEM Store offers a reward programme. How do you get onboard? Read on to learn.

Our rewards system is powered by Smile.io. You earn points, known as Tinker Rewards, with every purchase in the store. Earn 5 Tinker Rewards for every $1 spent.

How to get started

Click on the Present icon on the bottom left side of the webpage. It will bring up a small pop up, that lets you log-in or sign up for a Get Hacking account. Scrolling down lets you see the different ways to earn points, as well as the different coupons that you can redeem. 

Upon signing in, you'll get to see how many points you've accumulated total, and there's also information on how much more points you need to redeem to unlock a coupon. Pretty neat!

There are other ways to earn points, such as logging in on your birthday, as well as following the various social media that Get Hacking can be found on, like @get_hacking on Instagram.

Explore our rewards system and get rewarded on your next purchase!


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