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Blue-Bot TacTile Reader


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The Blue-Bot TacTile Reader introduces remote programming without the complications of apps and tablets and makes learning to code a direct, hands-on experience. Press the connect button to pair Blue-Bot with the TacTile Reader. Then place individual tiles, each representing a Blue-Bot command, sequentially on the TacTile Reader. Press the GO button and watch Blue-Bot move step-by-step through the program while the TacTile Reader lights up each command as Blue-Bot performs it. Want to change the program' Just switch the order of the tiles and press GO again.

The TacTile Reader holds up to 10 tiles, allowing a program up to 10 steps long. Up to three TacTile Readers can be connected together with the included cable, so students can build programs of up to thirty steps. The TacTile Reader is rechargeable and includes 25 Blue-Bot command tiles.

Blue-Bot TacTile Reader