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The MERGE headset provides an immersive augmented and virtual reality learning experience using your smartphone. The durable design and rugged construction means it ready ready for use at home - or in the classroom, lab and library. The MERGE headset is a fun learning tool that can engage kids and adults in STEM lessons, immersive gaming, and more.

With the MERGE headset, turn your iOS or Android smartphone into an immersive virtual reality headset - no controller necessary. Dual spring-loaded input buttons for greater VR app interaction. It is made of soft, lightweight foam with adjustable lenses to fit virtually any face and is drop-tested for durability for the classroom. Enjoy over 300 apps, games and virtual reality experiences available on the MERGE Miniverse portal.

Bring Lesson Plans to Life:

  • Use MERGE Cube to teach lessons or create activities
  • Convert 3D files to digital objects to illustrate complex concepts
  • Replace worn out Google Cardboard with MERGE headsets

Bring Lab Experiments to Life

  • Use the MERGE Cube to explore STEM concepts in AR
  • Turn 3D models into virtual objects that illustrate complex systems
  • MERGE allows students to “experience” history and science

Bring Coding & Design to Life

  • Convert Paint 3D and Tinkercad designs into virtual objects
  • Code in CoSpaces Edu and hold creations as virtual objects
  • Scan real-world objects with Qlone and convert into virtual objects

Award-Winning - Featured in Consumer Reports as an Expert Pick, Winner of the Academic's Choice Award, and named by CNN as Best VR Headset for Big Kids and Tweens.

Comes with:

  • AR/VR Goggles Headset
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Lens cleaning cloth
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