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Tinkercademy micro:bit Krazy Kar Kit

Tinkercademy micro:bit Krazy Kar Kit

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Make your very own micro:bit Krazy Kar! It's krazy because it can only move one wheel at a time, which we think is part of its appeal.

Check out our step by step guide here to see it in action!

What's included

Check out our Tinkercademy Micro:bit page for more tutorials and projects, and our Micro:bit Tinker Kit for more parts for making new things. 

Want a different body for your car? Try out our 4-in-1 cardboard kit for an alternative chassis, and try driving it with just one wheel!


You'll need a BBC micro:bit for this kit! Note that a BBC micro:bit is not included in this kit, but you can pick one up here.

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