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Got some toys, but not quite sure how to play with them best? Fret not - we've reviewed and consolidated the different learning resources and platforms offered by various tech toy companies! Whether you're a teacher looking to conduct a lesson, or a parent looking to engage your child in STEM, this page should give you an idea of what can be found where.

Intelino Lab

  • Kindergarten to Lower Primary
  • Lower to Upper Secondary

Classroom lessons available

Visit Intelino Lab Find Intelino Products

Intelino Lab is a great place offering a variety of resources for all ages.

  • For ages 3+: Count By Numbers – colour-and-match activity series
  • For ages 6+: Colour Quest series – creative problem solving
  • For kindergarten / lower primary students: K-1 Snap TrainingFully-prepped Intelino Smart Train introductory course, with basic STEM concepts
  • For upper primary / secondary students: Science Series Lesson Showcase – Working in tandem with the PocketLab Voyager (third-party add-on) to demonstrate physical science concepts
  • Scratch-based programming examples, and problem-solving scenarios

Sphero Edu

  • Kindergarten to Lower Primary
  • Upper Primary to Lower Secondary
  • Upper Secondary and above

Classroom lessons available

Visit Sphero Edu Find Sphero Products

Sphero Edu is the repository for Sphero bots-based activities and lessons.

  • Works through the Sphero Edu App – Register as student, parent or educator
  • Activities classified by subjects, ages and compatible Sphero bots
  • Parents can see overview of your child’s account and their activities
  • Educators can plan, assign and track lesson progress for a group of students
  • Example programs (including a mix of Sphero’s official posts and community contributions) give ideas for more problem-solving situations and inspires children to get more creative

LittleBits Classroom

  • Kindergarten to Lower Primary
  • Upper Primary to Lower Secondary
  • Upper Secondary and above

Classroom lessons available

Visit LittleBits Classroom Find LittleBits Products

LittleBits Classroom is an educator-focused portal for lessons and lesson ideas.

  • Find teaching/get-started guides for the kit that you are using in your classroom
  • Kit-based guides and curriculum unit plans are fully-prepped with ordered lessons, teaching resources (worksheets and/or assessment rubrics), and relevant innovation ideas
  • Lessons can be sorted by target grades, subjects and teaching standards
  • Community submissions display a variety of creations
  • Educator Tips features pointers from experienced teachers on classroom management, troubleshooting and more

Ozobot Classroom

  • Kindergarten to Lower Primary
  • Upper Primary to Lower Secondary
  • Upper Secondary and above

Classroom lessons available

Visit Ozobot Classroom Find Ozobot Products

Ozobot Classroom is the go-to resource for teachers seeking lesson ideas with the Ozobot.

  • The Lesson Library features lessons for all ages, and for a variety of topics beyond STEM, like art and music.
  • Lessons are a mix of Ozobot’s official lessons and verified submissions from other teachers
  • Lessons are usually a compilation of lesson material, and instructions for lesson conduct
  • Plan for future lessons by saving lessons to your list as you come across them
  • With the Classroom Communicator:
    1. Unlock all features in Ozobot Classroom
    2. Pair with the robots in the classroom, disseminate lessons and monitor every robot’s status
    3. For Classroom Kits purchased prior to January 2020, you may request a free license code and Communicator here
  • For home-based projects: Find more ideas in Ozobot’s blog
  • For introducing and teaching coding, take a look at Ozoblockly

MakeWonder Curriculum

  • Kindergarten to Lower Primary
  • Upper Primary to Lower Secondary

Classroom lessons available

Visit MakeWonder Curriculum Find Wonder Workshop Products

MakeWonder caters to both educators and parents – the MakeWonder curriculum portal for the classroom, and Wonder Workshop apps for the home.

  • MakeWonder Curriculum Portal - Offers fully planned curriculum and assessment ideas for students from pre-primary school up to Secondary 2
  • Curated lesson material provides a structured way to teach coding, impart STEM skills and to assess their understanding
  • Subscription purchase provides Class Connect feature to easily manage and schedule lessons and activity times with your class
  • Kindergarten to P5: “Learn to code”, P6 to Sec 2: “Applied Robotics”           
  • Cross-Curricular Lesson Library – community-sourced lesson plans where Dash or Cue are used to demonstrate/teach concepts in other subjects
  • For parents - various educational game apps available on mobile platforms for meaningfully engaging children


  • Upper Primary to Lower Secondary
  • Upper Secondary and above

Visit Chibitronics Find Chibitronics Products

Chibitronics’ website is a treasure trove of inspiration, for teachers and parents alike, to get your children thinking about circuits and where they can be used.

  • Chibitronics’ gallery houses a moderate collection of projects that have incorporated their products, mostly submitted by users
  • List of projects include a small collection of detailed lesson plans and tutorials, and many posts by the community which displays their creations and occasionally, the steps to make it
  • Educators sections has more Art or Science projects, and a list of circuit templates with simple instructions and explanations
  • Most projects are easy to follow, but while some have making instructions or teaching aids, others are not always classroom-ready


  • Upper Primary to Lower Secondary
  • Upper Secondary and above

Visit CircuitScribe’s EduBench page Visit CircuitScribe's Projects page Find CircuitScribe Products

CircuitScribe’s lessons and project ideas are mostly hosted on Workbench Education, and their tutorial videos can be found on their own Projects page, or on YouTube.

  • Project listings on Workbench range from simple circuit examples that demonstrate concepts like logic circuits, to more interesting application examples like making a potentiometer or creating circuits for a smart home
  • Lessons are well-documented and easy to follow along
  • Drone Curriculum project for kids is a useful resource to help them learn about the physics and circuitry behind drone flight

Strawbees Learning

  • Kindergarten to Lower Primary
  • Upper Primary to Lower Secondary

Classroom lessons available

Visit Strawbees Learning Find Strawbees Products

Strawbees’ learning platform has a modest collection of activities, lesson plans and explorations.

  • Activities contain simple video instructions and tips for classroom engagement
  • Lesson plans and Explorations are teacher-focused facilitation guides, with clear exposition of objections and relevant themes in the lessons
  • Explorations also often include assessment metrics and make students use skills beyond craft/programming (such as communication and presentation skills)
  • Plentiful resources like blueprints and presentation slides make it easy for quick classroom deployment
  • Activites are fun, engaging and great for entertaining children
  • Strawbees coding platform has a handful of tutorials and “coding cards” to teach the basic functions
  • While quality of activities and lessons are excellent, the quantity is limited

Primo Toys' Cubetto

  • Kindergarten to Lower Primary
  • Upper Primary

Visit Primo Toys' Playroom Find Primo Toys' Products

Beyond the Story Books that come with Cubetto sets, Primo Toys’ Playroom page gives you more ideas for projects and activities to do with Cubetto.

  • Cubetto Crafts – simple craft projects to decorate Cubetto or make accompanying props
  • Cubetto Mazes – sets out hypothetical scenario for Cubetto, and kids have to outline an appropriate path for Cubetto on the World Map
  • Family Games – Simple games/activities to play as a family (although a number of them require extensions like the Play Cards or Code & Colour)
  • All projects and activities are well documented with accompanying instructions and step-by-step pictures
  • Purchase Classroom Bundle or STEM Bundle to get free lesson plans, or register and contact them to get a preview of the lesson plans
  • You can get their free ebook, Beginning Computer Programming for kids here.

Makedo HUB

  • Kindergarten to Lower Primary
  • Upper Primary to Lower Secondary
  • Upper Secondary

Visit Makedo HUB Find Makedo Products

Makedo HUB is the primary portal for all of Makedo’s projects and lesson plans.

  • Makedo’s own project listings have simple, printable instructional graphics that explain how to make projects like a car or their mascot, the Makedog
  • Community submissions on the Makedo HUB display their creative end products, and sometimes include making instructions
  • Some of the projects and posts give ideas for classroom activities, and the larger scale projects can be adapted for lesson use
  • Book reviews of children’s reading material that fuel creativity in children can also be found