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16x2 LCD Character Display

16x2 LCD Character Display

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The 16x2 is the most commonly used LCD display module. It can display 16 characters in a column for 2 rows thus a total of 32 characters. The characters can either be number, alphabets or symbol. It is also possible to create your own custom character and display it if required. The LCD has the HD44780U display driver IC which is responsible for displaying characters on the LCD

This 16x2 LCD display has a blue background and back light . The required supply voltage is from 4.7V to 5.3V and the LCD can operate either in 8-bit mode or in 4-bit mode allowing you to save more GPIO pins on the controller side. The current consumption is about 1mA without the back light.

This module comes header-less. If you prefer an easier-to-use component, search for the variant with the I2C module backpack.

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