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3Doodler Pro+ 3D Printing Pen Set

3Doodler Pro+ 3D Printing Pen Set

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The PRO+ combines sleek, ergonomic styling with advanced technology for superior performance to elevate design and bring ideas to life. Explore 3D design and prototypes in a fraction of the time and share ideas using a range of materials from copper and wood to bronze and nylon — the possibilities are endless.

The PRO+ rests comfortably in the hand and features a magnetic maintenance panel that enables easy access the pen’s interior. The digitally adjustable speed and temperature settings offer unparalleled design control. Create professional-grade Doodles with 6 packs of refills, including Wood, Metal, and Nylon, equivalent to 125 feet of plastic and over 1,500 feet of extrusion.

There is also a Nozzle Set included which enables you to swap out between six different nozzle tips to customize your outcome. It includes a ribbon tip, square tip, triangle tip, a super fine 0.5mm nozzle, and thicker 1mm and 1.5mm nozzles.


What's Included

  • PRO+ 3D Printing Pen
  • Nozzle Set
  • Mini DoodlePad
  • Unblocking Tool
  • 6 Refill Packs, including Wood, Metal, and Nylon
  • Detailed Product Manual and Quick Start Guide
  • A Set of International Adapters
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