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Hacky Engineering

Computer Engineering for Babies Book

Computer Engineering for Babies Book

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With two buttons and an LED, the book explores six basic computer logic gates, including WIRE, NOT, OR, AND, XOR and a LATCH. The book uses light sensors to detect which page is open and change the operands accordingly.

Please take a moment to ask yourself honestly if you:

  • have a baby
  • are planning on having a baby
  • are interested in computer engineering
  • will be attending a baby shower in the next 1-6 months
  • have a friend that looks like they might have a baby
  • are planning to be interested in computer engineering
  • know a computer engineer that acts like a baby
  • skipped the first two days of CE150
  • are learning how to read

If you fall into any of these categories, then you should definitely get a copy or two.

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