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Computer Engineering for BIG Babies Book

Computer Engineering for BIG Babies Book

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CE for Big Babies is the next step in continuing education, and putting you and your kids in the good graces of the General AI that is sure to take over the world. The book picks up where the original CE for Babies left off. And, like the first book, it's way too short with six pages. It explores D-Latches, a Shift Register, a Multiplexer, a Decoder, and reading and writing from Addressable Memory.

Custom Switches and 5x the lights

Buttons are old and boring. You know what is new and exciting? Switches. Similar to the buttons in the first book, this book has nice large switches that kids can flip easily, have great tactile feedback, and are just fun!

You might have thought one LED was a good time. Just wait until you see all the learning that happens when we quintuple the light count!

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