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DFRobot micro:Maqueen Mechanic

DFRobot micro:Maqueen Mechanic

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This is the micro:Maqueen Mechanic (ForkliftPushBeetle and Loader) add-on to the Maqueen Plus V2 robot.

What's Included

  • Loader Servo Panel x1
  • Loader Bucket x1
  • Pan-tilt-zoomMount Plate x2
  • Trolley Plate x1
  • Ultrasonic MountHolder x1
  • Arm Servo Base x1
  • Arm Baseplate x1
  • Arm Linkage x3
  • Arm Plate x1
  • Servo Arm Linkage x1
  • Forklift Plate x1
  • Gripper Upper Arm x2
  • Gripper DrivenForearm x1
  • Gripper ServoForearm x1
  • Gripper Panel x1
  • M3*35mm Copper Bolt x2
  • M3*25mm Copper Bolt x2
  • M3*15mm Copper Bolt x6
  • M3*17mm Copper Bolt x3
  • 9g servo x2
  • M2.5*5mm nut x12
  • M3*5mm nut x45
  • Installation Manual x1
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