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Tinkercademy GVS micro:bit Breakout Board

Tinkercademy GVS micro:bit Breakout Board

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This Breakout Board (BoB for short) is a custom accessory for the micro:bit that lets you easily connect a wide variety of low-cost sensor and output modules, without having to deal with messy breadboard wires.

  • Great for the classroom: Expand the possibilities of students' projects with a wide library of compatible modules!
  • Great for beginners: Drastically reduce the fear of making mistakes with wiring.
  • Great variety: Compatible modules are available from many different vendors and include motion sensors, touch sensors, soil moisture sensors, small servo motors, OLED displays, and many more. These modules were originally designed for the Arduino platform, and many of them can now be used with the micro:bit!

Version 2 of the Tinkercademy GVS Breakout Board, developed in collaboration with Elecfreaks, has rows of Ground, Voltage and Signal pins hence the name GVS! Since every Signal pin is paired with a Voltage and Ground pin, many modules can be plugged in directly without the need for a breadboard. This V2 of the BoB also allows you to use 5V output modules on pins 9 to 16!

The BoB (we love that name) also exposes I2C in a pinout that allows one to directly plug in the most common OLED displays, for when the micro:bit's 5x5 LED matrix doesn't quite cut it. SPI and UART Serial pins are also exposed for connection to devices like SD card readers and GPS modules.

Please note: accessories and micro:bit pictured not included with the BoB. Our full kit, including micro:bit, BoB, and accessories, is available for sale separately as the micro:bit Tinker Kit.

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