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ElecFreaks Motor:bit micro:bit Breakout Board

ElecFreaks Motor:bit micro:bit Breakout Board

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Motor:bit is a motor driving board based on micro:bit. It has integrated a TB6612 motor driving chip, which is used to drive two motors with a maximum 1.2A DC single channel current. It has also integrated 12 GVS ports(for connecting OCTOPUS series of electric bricks) and 1 IIC communication port. These ports allow you to extend with various sensors and electric modules. On the board, P3-P7, and P9-P10 are IO ports for directly driving 3.3V devices; P13-P16, and P19-P20(IIC port) support 3.3V/5V voltage switch. Sliding the voltage switch onboard, it is available to drive 3.3V or 5V devices. Besides, you can play music with the buzzer on motor:bit. Motor:bit is totally designed for DIYers. You can use it to create your own smart car or more funny projects.



  • Support 2 DC motors
  • Max driving current of single channel is 1.2A
  • Extend 14-channel IO ports and lead out it by GVS pins. Among it, 6 ports support 3V/5V voltage switch
  • With 1 passive buzzer on board


  • M1 and M2 can separately connect a DC motor with max current of 1.2A.

  • Once a passive buzzer is connected to the P0 port on micro:bit, it can play music.

  • Slide the switch to ON, power is connected; slide the switch to OFF, power is disconnected.

  • Power connector is available to connect with 6-12V DC power.

  • Slide the switch to 5V, then VCC supply 5V power; slide the switch to 3.3V, then it provide 3.3V power. This switch is valid to 6 IO ports only: P13 / P14 / P15 / P16 / P19 / P20.

  • It contains 4 (P13-P16) GPIO ports and 1 IIC communication connector (P19-P20). You can connect 3.3V/5V devices to it according to the voltage change of VCC.

  • You can connect 8 devices working under 3.3V power supply. Among it, P3, P4, P10 can be used as analogue signal input connectors.

  • You can plug your micro:bit into this socket.


  • Product Name: Motor:bit
  • Version No.: V1.6
  • SKU: EF03406
  • DC Power Voltage: DC 6~12V
  • DC Motor: Driven 2
  • Max Output Current of Each Motor Connector:1.2A
  • Extendable Digital IO Port: 12
  • Extendable Analogue IO Port: 3
  • IIC Connector: Supports
  • Passive Buzzer: Supports
  • Size: 60.0mm x 47.5mm x 2.0mm
  • Net Weight: 20g

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  • 1x Motor:bit


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