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Fabric Cloth Tape 5mm x 20m with Conductive Adhesive

Fabric Cloth Tape 5mm x 20m with Conductive Adhesive

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This is a strong and highly conductive tape that is so easy to use in a circuity project. It is a drop-in replacement for copper tape for projects involving Chibitronics Circuit Stickers, Conductive Dough experiments, or just plain old LEDs and coin cell batteries.

We like that this fabric tape has a very conductive adhesive side, so you don’t need to worry about creating a good electrical connection across separate pieces of tape. It is also less likely to tear, but to the extent that you cannot tear off the tape by hand. A pair of scissors is necessary, especially for younger users. But this also means it is easier to handle even this narrow piece of conductive tape in more intricate projects, and they will work more reliably.


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