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Freaduino UNO (Arduino UNO R3-compatible) microcontroller

Freaduino UNO (Arduino UNO R3-compatible) microcontroller

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The Freaduino UNO by ElecFreaks is an Arduino-compatible board derived from the Arduino UNO R3.

Used in all of Tinkertanker's Arduino classes, this is our board of choice despite being almost the same price as the official UNO. The colourful rows of power and ground pins alongside I/O pins allow beginners to easily plug in modules without having to figure out wiring on a breadboard or buying a separate sensor shield.

Not just for beginners, advanced tinkerers will appreciate the selectable 3.3V or 5V operating voltage for interfacing directly with 3.3V modules like the XBee, the wide external power input range from 7~23V DC, and the more accessible reset button.

That said, the ability to connect modules neatly and snugly without a breadboard is still what makes it our go-to board for any quick prototyping work. The 3-pin Freaduino ports can be connected to:

  • Standard Servo Motors using their attached cable
  • Octopus Bricks by ElecFreaks using their included cables
  • 3-pin modules by TinkerKit! (not related to Tinkertanker) using separate F-F jumpers (their own jumpers use a different pinout)
  • Grove modules by SeeedStudio using separate F-F jumpers (their jumpers use a 2mm spacing instead of 0.1" spacing)
  • Just about any Arduino-compatible module using appropriate jumper wires. Examples include relays, accelerometers, I2C LCD modules, etc.


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