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Gigo Experiments - Catapult Engineering 6-in-1 Maker Kit

Gigo Experiments - Catapult Engineering 6-in-1 Maker Kit

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Build six sleek, functional models of catapults, trebuchets, and launchers. Use these classic siege weapons to conduct simple experiments that demonstrate important physics and engineering topics like force, energy, motion, and trajectory. The included lightweight foam balls and soft darts are safe and effective projectiles to fling at your cardboard “castle” and other targets! The 36-page, full-color manual has illustrated step-by-step instructions for building the models and conducting the experiments.


  • Build 6 models that launch foam balls and soft darts.
  • Explore mechanical physics with simple experiments.
  • Discover the physics of projectiles and trajectory.
  • Includes cardboard blocks for target practice.
  • Ages 8+
  • Gigo Experiments series
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