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Gigo Experiments - The Big Engineering Makerspace

Gigo Experiments - The Big Engineering Makerspace

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  • Discover physical laws with machinery on land, on water, and in the air.
    • Water models of jet boat, submersible submarine, catamaran, and sail car.
    • Land models of dragster, tricycle, automobile brake, automobile suspension, and tower crane.
    • Air models of helicopter, glider, windmill and falling leaf.
    • Engineering models of forklift, spinning top, hydraulic arm, scissor lift and distance measuring tool.
    • Optical devices models of camera stabilizer, tripod, selfie stick and smartphone microscope.
  • Explore marine vehicles, submersibles, buoyancy, wind power, rotation, gears, energy conversion, center of gravity, balance, pneumatics, hydraulics, statics, optics and much more.
  • Includes water tanks, pneumatic tank & integrated air pump, pneumatic pistons, shifting valves, tubes, structural beams, axels, gears, wheels, foils and more.
  • Instruction manual to build 22 models.
  • Ages 8+
  • Gigo Experiments series
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