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Inventor 2040 W (Pico W Aboard)

Inventor 2040 W (Pico W Aboard)

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Inventor 2040 W (Pico W Aboard)

An all-in-one board for making battery powered contraptions that can move, (optionally) make noise, and talk to the internet!


  • Raspberry Pi Pico W Aboard
    • Dual Arm Cortex M0+ running at up to 133Mhz with 264kB of SRAM
    • 2MB of QSPI flash supporting XiP
    • Powered and programmable by USB micro-B
    • 2.4GHz wireless
  • 2 JST-SH connectors (6 pin) for attaching motors
    • Dual H-Bridge motor driver (DRV8833)
    • Per motor current limiting (425mA)
    • Per motor direction indicator LEDs
  • 2 pin (Picoblade-compatible) connector for attaching speaker
  • JST-PH (2 pin) connector for attaching battery (input voltage 2.5V - 5.5V*)
  • 6 sets of header pins for connecting 3 pin hobby servos
  • 6 sets of header pins for GPIO (3 of which are ADC capable)
  • 12 x addressable RGB LEDs/Neopixels
  • User button
  • Reset button (built in Captain Resetti!)
  • 2 x Qw/ST connectors for attaching breakouts
  • Unpopulated headers for adding a Breakout Garden slot
  • Fully assembled
  • No soldering required (unless you want to add the Breakout Garden slot).
  • C/C++ and MicroPython libraries
  • Schematic

What's Included

  • 1x Inventor 2040 W (Pico W Aboard)
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