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Keybow 2040 - Clicky keys

Keybow 2040 - Clicky keys

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Keybow 2040 - Clicky Keys

A luxe all-in-one 16 key mini mechanical keyboard with hot swap clicky or linear switches and per key customisable RGB lighting.

Keybow evolves into its final form with a 4x4 grid of keys, and low latency input, high reliability and a super slim footprint courtesy of the brand new RP2040 chip from Raspberry Pi. The RP2040 microcontroller chip is incorporated neatly into the Keybow 2040 PCB, so it's a tidy all-in-one unit. Added are Kailh Speed switches and smart transparent DSA keycaps that look incredible when lit up with the fully customisable per-key RGB lighting.

You could use Keybow 2040 as a streaming deck for adjusting in-stream audio settings and switching easily between OBS scenes, as a capable midi controller for triggering clips, tracks, or effects in Ableton Live or as a customisable hotkey pad for programs like Photoshop. It's also handy for pasting frequently-used text or code snippets.


  • Powered by RP2040
  • 2MB of flash memory.
  • 16 (4x4 matrix) of low profile keys connected directly to GPIOs
  • Kailh hot-swap switch sockets (for Cherry MX-compatible switches)
  • Per key RGB LEDs driven by an IS31FL3731 PWM LED matrix driver
  • A BOOTSEL button (this can also be used as a user switch)
  • A reset button!
  • Powered and programmable via USB-C
  • Dimensions: approx 76mm x 76mm x 30mm (L x W x H, including switches, keycaps and feet)
  • No soldering required!
  • Comes with CircuitPython pre-installed
  • PMK CircuitPython library
  • Schematic

What's included

  • Keybow PCB base layer (gold and black, reversible, four small round holes).
  • Keybow PCB middle layer (white and black, houses the RP2040, the Kailh hot swap switch sockets, the LEDs and all the other electronic gubbins).
  • Keybow PCB top layer/switch plate (gold and black, reversible, sixteen big square holes).
  • Bag containing tiny standoffs and screws - you'll need eight screws and four standoffs.
  • 16 Kailh gold (clicky), silver (quiet) or copper (tactile) switches.
  • 16 transparent, low profile keycaps.
  • 4 rubber feet
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