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littleBits Hall of Fame Arcade Game Kit

littleBits Hall of Fame Arcade Game Kit

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littleBits Hall of Fame Kits

Introducing a new series of kits featuring 4 of our tried-and-true invention faves! Each 2-in-1 kit includes everything needed to create an invention our inventor community loves to build, plus instructions for kids to transform that invention into a second, new creation. Collect them all, and combine kits for bigger, better inventions!


The Arcade Game Hall of Fame Kit puts a new spin on an old arcade favorite: the pinball machine! This invention is powered by the servo motor Bit, plus a slide dimmer that allows kids to control how big of a whack they give a ball as they send it hurtling toward its goal. When the high score has been achieved, kids can then remix the invention using the same Bits to create a catapult and compete to see how far they can propel different objects. Bits, accessories, and instructions included.


- Kits come with 4 Bits, 4-6 accessories, and paper templates needed to create inventions.
- Step-by-step instructions for 2 inventions (the Pinball machine and the Catapult) are available online or in the littleBits Invent app for iOS users.
- Bits can be reconfigured to create new inventions not included in the box.
- All Bits work together, so you can collect and combine the other Bits and kits to create bigger, better inventions.
- Hall-of-Fame Kit Inventions are simple and fun, ensuring all kids will feel confident inventing.


*** FAQs ***

Where can I find Kit Instructions?
You can find instructions for all four of our Hall of Fame Kits by visiting or through the littleBits Invent App for iOS users.

If kids purchase more than one kit, can the kits be combined to build extra inventions?
Yes! littleBits electronic building blocks are modular. The more Bits you have, the more creative you can be! Check out our inventions page for inspiration from our community.


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