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M5Stack Gesture Recognition Sensor

M5Stack Gesture Recognition Sensor

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  • PAJ7620U2 touchless Gesture Moving Recognition Sensor recognises up to 9 gestures. It's a touchless 3D gesture recognition sensor via the I2C interface that integrates with PAJ7620U2. You could feel the charm of 9 kinds of gesture recognition by default program. In addition to adding more complex gestures, the recognition rate is up to 240Hz with higher anti-interference capability. This sensor is reliable for its recognition process is intuitive and has low power consumption (operating current only 2.2mA) that allows you to control a robot in accordance with your hand's movement. This is particularly useful in interactive applications.
  • Supports 9 gestures:
    • Up, Down, Left, Right, Front, Back, Clockwise, Counter-clockwise, Quick wave

Product Features

  • PAJ7620U2 gesture sensor / I2C interface
  • Recognizable gestures up to 9 kinds
  • Faster, more accurate
  • Support for customizing and adding recognition gesture combinations (support developing)
  • Effective recognition distance: 5cm-15cm
  • Embedded infrared LED and optical lens, be able to work in low-light even dark environment
  • Development Platform:
    • Arduino, UIFlow


  • 1x UNIT Gesture
  • 1x HY2.0-4P Cable


  • Touchless remote control
  • Robot interaction
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Gesture light control


Specifications Parameters
Gesture recognition frequency Typical value: 120Hz, maximum 240Hz
Support gestures 9 built-in + 4 software extensions + support software algorithm expansion
Effective recognition distance 5cm-15cm
R Ambient light immunity <100k Lux
Communication interface I2C, addr: 0x73
Working current 2.2mA
Net weight 4.3g
Gross weight 16.4g
Product size 24 * 32 * 8mm
Packing size 67 * 53 * 12mm

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