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M5Stack GoPlus2 DC Motor and Servo Driver Module (STM32F0)

M5Stack GoPlus2 DC Motor and Servo Driver Module (STM32F0)

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  • GoPlus2 is a stackable multi-functional motor and servo control module. The master control integrates the STM32F030C8T6 chipset. The module is equipped with 2-way DC motor drive interface and 4-way servo drive interface. Three PORT-B interfaces(Analog Input,Digital Output,Digital Input) can be expanded. Built-in 500mAh battery and support infrared (IR) transmission and receive. In order to meet the requirements of multi-channel interface power supply at the same time, a DC power interface is provided for external power supply, battery can be charged through the M5Core with USB-C.

Communication Protocol

  • I2C(0x38)

Product Features

  • 2x DC motor interface
  • 4x Servo interface
  • IR transmit & receive
  • 3x expand PORT B
  • STM32F030C8T6
  • Built-in 500mAh battery

What's Included

  • 1x GoPlus2 Module
  • 2x DC Motor Cable


  • Actuator / motor driver
  • Acquisition and control of multiple input and output signals
  • Infrared controller
  • DIY toy base


Resources Parameters
Main Control Chip STM32F030C8T6
Expand Interface DC Motor x 2,PORT-B x 3, Servo x 4
Motor Drive DRV8833
IR Transmit and Receive
Battery 500mAh
Communication Protocol I2C(0x38)
Net Weight 38g
Gross Weight 58g
Product Size 54*54*13mm
Package Size 95*65*25mm

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