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Micro:bit Twin Drill Jet Mole

Micro:bit Twin Drill Jet Mole

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The Twin Drill Jet Mole is a product made for the book "Introduction to Mass Production for Makers and Startups (O'Reilly Japan)". Based on over 40 years of experience by the author, Yoshiki Omino, this book is a must-have for the maker, with a detailed process and know-how from the prototype of the twin drill jet mole to commercialization.

If you can't read Japanese, then be content with the final product. The Twin Drill Jet Mole is a prefabricated kit, but it can be assembled easily by screwing and fitting without using any adhesive. A separate Phillips screwdriver is required for assembly.

The biggest feature of the Twin Drill Jet Mole is the left and right drills. It doesn't use wheels! The power generated by the DC motor is transmitted to the drill by two large and small gears and a final gear. By combining the rotation direction of the drill, it can be moved in 8 directions (back and forth, left and right and diagonal directions).


You'll need a BBC micro:bit for this kit! Note that a BBC micro:bit is not included in this kit, but you can pick one up here.

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