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NVMe 2242 M-Key MakerDisk SSD - 256GB (Preloaded with RPi OS)

NVMe 2242 M-Key MakerDisk SSD - 256GB (Preloaded with RPi OS)

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Note: This M.2 SSD is:
  • NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory express) SSD, normally via PCIe bus. This is NOT SATA SSD
  • 2280, mechanical size/dimension, please ensure the size fits the board
  • M.2 M-Key, please make sure the M.2 socket support M-key
  • Comes Pre-loaded with Raspberry Pi OS and ready to boot up on:
    • Raspberry Pi 5
    • Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (with latest bootloader firmware)
    • Raspberry Pi 400
    • Compute Module 4 with NVMe SSD carrier board.
  • Please DO NOT format it if you intend to use it with the Raspberry Pi board.
  • Loaded with the Raspberry Pi OS (64-bit) - Bookworm (release date: December 5th 2023).


The USB boot firmware for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, 400, and also CM4, had a stable release in 2020. With Compute Module 4 (CM4), the PCIe Gen2 bus is extended out on some carrier boards. Furthermore, the NVMe boot is also officially released by Raspberry Pi.  This is a native NVMe SSD boot via PCIe bus, it does not go through to any USB to NVMe adapter.

This NVMe SSD is in M.2 2280 (M Key) form factor. Cytron called it MakerDisk! A Disk from Makers to Makers :) It is an M.2 2280, M-Key, NVMe Solid State Drive (SSD) with a capacity of 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. And it is preloaded with Raspberry Pi OS.

Do check out Jeff Gerling talking about CM4 boots off an NVMe SSD, natively in this video:

If you prefer to read the article, check out the blog by Jeff Gerling here: The Raspberry Pi can boot of NVMe SSDs now.

From Jeff's benchmarking with eMMC, microSD card and USB 3.0 (UASP) adapter, the native NMVe interface is 12x faster on the Pi for normal file operations that include: copies, random read/write. And that also improves day-to-day performance.



  • Brand: MakerDisk
  • Form factor: M.2 2280 M-Key NVMe SSD
  • Pre-loaded with Raspberry Pi OS
  • NOT SATA Drive
  • High level of ability to endure shock, vibration, and high temperature
  • SMART & TRIM support
  • PCIe Interface: PCIe Gen 3 x 4
  • Compliance: NVMe 1.3, PCI Express Base 3.1
  • Capacity: 128GB, 256GB or 512GB (Based on your option)
  • Performance (Based on speed test on 128GB variant):
    • Read: Up to 1800MB/s
    • Write: Up to 560MB/s
  • Shock: 1500G/0.5ms
  • Operation temperature: 0°C-70°C
  • Up to 30X faster than a typical hard disk drive
  • Boosts burst write performance, making it ideal for typical computer workloads
  • Faster boot-up, shutdown, application load, and response for Raspberry Pi
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