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Ozobot Bit (Standalone)


Price in Singapore Dollars, including 8% GST of $4.67

  • Proud winner of many awards including Kapi's best robot toy at the 2015 consumer electronics show
  • Pick up paper and markers to draw coded mazes
  • Go to to fully program Ozobot
  • It's quick and simple to drag and drop blocks of codes
  • Hours of extra fun for boys and girls when you download the free Ozobot's website activities and the IOS and android Ozobot apps to play interactive games for every level
  • Create challenges and DIY activities, or even design your own games to share with all your friends and the amazing Ozobot community
  • We have teacher recommended, free programming and STEM inspired lesson plans, fit for different ages and levels
Ozobot Bit (Standalone)
Ozobot Bit (Standalone)
Ozobot Bit (Standalone)