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Potato Pirates: Battlechips Coding Card Game

Potato Pirates: Battlechips Coding Card Game

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Potato Pirates 3: Battlechips is one of our coding card games that transposes common computing concepts into a tabletop game—perfect coding games for kids as well as adults. Play as a pirate captain as you zap potatoes for energy, dig for sunken cards, and fortify yourself with powers and abilities to defeat enemy factions across the Carbobbean Seas. It’s time to learn coding with games!

The Game Concept

Our computer science games come packed with educational value, expanded to introduce more breadth, depth, and variety of complex coding principles. Battlechips are more than just card games for kids because the game also includes a host of new Computer Science and Cybersecurity concepts.

  • Strategic Game Play: There are multiple methods of winning our coding card games. More thinking, more learning, with the same Potato Pirating fun!
  • High Replayability: Multiple captains and a shifting starting hand mean players are always greeted with something unexpected. It’s one of the most challenging computer science games ever!

  • In-depth Concepts: You can learn coding with games! Battlechips introduce advanced coding concepts such as Try/Catch, Recursion, Break, Throw, and many others.

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