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Solarbotics Herbie the Mousebot v2


Price in Singapore Dollars, including 7% GST of $4.25

Herbie the Mousebot is a very quick, easy-to-build, light-chasing robot kit with functional whisker and tail sensors!


Herbie the Mousebot is a 9-volt battery-powered light-following robot that loves to chase flash light beams. What sets aside the new version is that it can see much better now - and reacts to both LED and incandescent light.

These little robots are so quick, you have to run to keep up to them! We've even enhancedHerbie with functional whisker and tail sensors, so he doesn't get stuck in corners or under obstacles while chasing around.

Herbie comes as a build-it-yourself kit that does not use any microprocessors or programming - we'll supply you with all the parts and some excellent documentation to put him together. Our instructions contain many pictures and simple descriptions to make the building process easy and fun, especially for beginners.

Herbie the Mousebot in action: