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Stick 'Em

Stick 'Em Connector Kit

Stick 'Em Connector Kit

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The Stick 'Em Connector Kit allows you to build simple geometric shapes, to complex bridges and structures. Simply connect the included wooden chopsticks into the connectors, and you’ll have a rigid structure that can go up to 3 meters high! Build catapults, flying gliders and more with the 60°, 90°, 120° and 180°, Axles and Clips. This kit allows you to build the frames of robots, which can then be controlled with the Electronics Kit!

What It Contains

  • 6x 120° Connector
  • 8x 90° Connector      
  • 6x 60° Connector
  • 8x 360° Connector
  • 20x Cardboard
  • 10x Axle
  • 14x 180° Clips
  • 8x 180 T-connector
  • 12x 120 T-connector
  • 8x 90 T-connector
  • 6x 60 T-connector
  • 4x Cross
  • 4x Wheel
  • 30x Chopsticks (Full length, halves, quarters, pegs)


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