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Stick 'Em

Stick 'Em Robotics Kit

Stick 'Em Robotics Kit

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The Stick 'Em Robotics Kit combines both connector and electronics, so that you get a full kit in one package. It’s literally the connector kit and electronics kit combined. Allows you to build iron man masks, complex robots and mechanisms.

What It Contains

Stick' Em Connector Kit

  • 6x 120° Connector
  • 8x 90° Connector          
  • 6x 60° Connector
  • 8x 360° Connector
  • 20x Cardboard
  • 10x Axle
  • 14x 180° Clips
  • 8x 180 T-connector
  • 12x 120 T-connector
  • 8x 90 T-connector
  • 6x 60 T-connector
  • 4x Cross
  • 4x Wheel
  • 30x Chopsticks (Full length, halves, quarters, pegs)

Stick' Em Electronics Kit

  • 1x Electronics Board
  • 3x Continuous Servos
  • 1x Power Bank Clip
  • 1x Power Bank
  • 1x USB C Cable


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