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Difference Engine

The Makers Club: Game On! (Book 1)

The Makers Club: Game On! (Book 1)

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Timid artist Nadia is in awe of her new teammate. Priya’s a gamer, she’s smart, and she knows how to code—so this environmental video game they’re building should definitely win the top prize at the Pangolin Secondary School Science Fair, right? But Nadia and Priya soon discover that there’s a lot more to making a game than coding and sprites. Will they be able to overcome their differences or will it be game over for them far too soon?

⭐️ Friendship and creativity come together in The Makers Club: Game On! to inspire kids to explore STEAM topics and maker culture!

⭐️ This graphic novel’s bonus content includes interviews with programmers and artists in the game industry for a closer look at the process of video game creation.

⭐️ Set in Southeast Asia, by creators from Southeast Asia.

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