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Solarbotics Solar Marble Machine Kit

Solarbotics Solar Marble Machine Kit

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Marble Motion, enabled by Solarengine technology that keeps on moving even in low indoor light!


Here's the new video of the complete Marble Machine in action:

The circuit takes the light from the solar cell, stores it and releases it in a pulse, making the gear wheel move, which eventually drops the marble down the spiral. In sunlight, the motor will pulse every few seconds, and drop a ball every minute. In indoor light, motor pulses will drop to every few minutes (be patient)! if you are not, then you can use the hand crank and see the marble drop.The kit contains all the parts to build your own Marble Machine, except for tools: you will need a soldering iron, Philips #1 screwdriver and a tiny bit of glue. The wooden parts come in handy panels with additional instructions.


  • Easy to build, with engraved building notes
  • Solar-powered or hand-crank operation
  • Operates in indoor light!
  • 3/8" steel balls for rolling

Each kit includes:
1 x Set of wooden parts.
1 x GM9 motor
2 x #4x1/2 screws
7 x 3/8? Balls
1 x 4700uF capacitor
1 x SCC3733 Solar Cell
1 x PN222A transistor
1 x 381L trigger
1 x Double-sided sticky tape
1 x 6.8uF capacitor
2 x 2-conductor wire
1 x Diode
1 x Solar Engine circuit board

The Marble Machine Wooden frame assembly video:

And finally, a few Troubleshooting Tips:
The marble doesn't consistently run the entire length of the spiral: find the ledge where the marble jumps off and shift the spiral forwards or backwards slightly to make that section of ledge a bit larger. Also make sure the surface that the machine is sitting on is completely even and horizontal.

The motor is not moving: make sure your circuit is soldered correctly. This includes the orientation of all polarity-sensitive components and their placement on the circuit. Check the wire connections too.


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