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Tinkercademy LB DroidKitESP Kit

Tinkercademy LB DroidKitESP Kit

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This May the 4th day, we are producing a unique experience for fans of the Star Wars movies and tech enthusiasts: the R2-D2 robot! 🌌🤖

Own your very own droid, complete with sounds and movement that authentically emulate the iconic movies (if you are short-sighted and not wearing spectacles, and are hard of hearing). But wait, there's more! This droid is not just a static figure; it's a fully interactive robot powered by an ESP32 microcontroller and enhanced with littleBits parts for endless customisation possibilities.

With the droid robot, you can:

🚀 Control R2-D2 wirelessly via your smartphone, tablet or laptop, commanding it to move, spin, and emit random beeps and boops.

🔧 Customise and upgrade R2-D2 further, letting you add new functionalities like lights, sensors, and other functions.

🌟 Reprogram the robot functions by coding; the firmware is open-sourced and on the ESP32 platform.

Whether you're a seasoned collector or a budding engineer, the droid robot is the perfect blend of nostalgia, technology, and creativity. Get ready to embark on epic adventures and bring the galaxy far, far away into your home like never before!

May the Force be with you as you join forces with R2-D2 in this exciting journey! Order now and be among the handful of people (guaranteed) who will own this unique droid robot.

The smallprint: We have some stock of the Littlebits Droid Inventor Kit, which has been obsoleted by the removal of the official littleBits app on the Android and iOS platforms. With a greatly reduced functionality, it wasn't possible to sell the kits anymore as-is. So we are upcycling them by outfitting them with an ESP32 microcontroller. The kits are no longer so suitable for young children, but present a great opportunity for the child in an adult tinkerer. :) 

Instruction Manual / Code Repository

Here's the link to the GitHub repository with the step-by-step guide in the README, as well as the code for the ESP32 (Code is preloaded on the ESP32, so you don't have to flash it. It's provided for additional hacking by you. Share your changes with us!)

What's Included

  • LittleBits Droid Kit body parts
  • LittleBits motor bit
  • LittleBit servo bit
  • ESP32 controller
  • L9110 2-Channel Motor Driver Board
  • Octopus buzzer
  • 10-RGB LED Strip, WS2812B, Individually Programmable, Chainable

What's Not Included

A USB powerbank, needed to power the droid. You should have one lying around that you can reuse for this project, or they are easily obtainable at a Xiaomi or Challenger shop for around $20 each.



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