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Tinkercademy littleBits Starter Kit

Tinkercademy littleBits Starter Kit

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The fastest way to get started with electronics for a young person is littleBits. We've packaged a few bits, comprising a power bit, and input and output bits, so that they can quickly get started with understanding the basics. Build on this understanding with a few simple projects. Especially with the motor and servo bits, it's fun and a great engineering exercise to make things that move, like automata.

Once they are proficient, level up by pairing these bits with a programmable micro:bit via the littleBits micro:bit adapter, which we also carry. 

What's Included

  • 1x power bit with cable and 9V battery, to power your circuit
  • 1x proximity sensor, an input component
  • 1x wire connector, to extend your project
  • 1 x bright LED, an output component
  • 1 x servo motor, to move things
  • 1 x DC motor, also to move things
  • 1 x mounting board
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