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Tinkercademy micro:bit Shoot-Em-Up Kit

Tinkercademy micro:bit Shoot-Em-Up Kit

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Behold the fat dragon of (insert your own terrifying dragon sounding land here). It's come to terrorise your village and steal your cow. Without your precious cow, how will you ever stupidly swap it for a handful of magic beans to grow a giant beanstalk and find treasure in the sky? We've got to stop the fat dragon before he dashes your destiny!

This kit includes:
1x Micro:bit Ring:bit
1x SG90 Servo Motor
1x IR Sensor
1x IR Beam Light
1x Laser Beam Shooter
1x Battery Pack
1x DIY kraft board gun
1x DIY kraft board pop-up box

Make and code your own table-top shooter with this kit and customize it to fit your own fantastical story!

Made to order; please allow 1 week for production before shipping.


You'll need a BBC micro:bit for this kit! Note that a BBC micro:bit is not included in this kit, but you can pick one up here.

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