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Tinkering T-Rex Kit

Tinkering T-Rex Kit

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The T-Rex was a ferocious carnivore that would happily eat you if it met you in real-life. Happily it is extinct.

We are bringing the T-Rex back!

Don't worry, we are not crazy scientists who have not read the cautionary tale of Jurassic Park. Instead, we want you to build a 3D T-Rex from flat cardboard pieces, designed by our good friend, Bartholemew Ting. Then animate it it with the micro:bit so that its jaw will move and it will have a fearsome roarrrrr whenever it senses prey nearby!


What's in the kit?

  • 3D Diecut Cardboard T-Rex

  • Craft wire (for the jaw opening/closing mechanism)

  • DFRobot micro:Mate expansion board for the micro:bit

  • Micro servo motor

  • mini MP3 module with microSD card

  • Octopus PIR motion sensor block

  • 8ohm thin speaker

  • Jumper wires

  • Instruction manual

Not included

  • Micro:bit (sold separately)
  • MicroUSB cable (to code and power the micro:bit)
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